AIDS LIFE and the Life Ball have completely reinvented themselves in 2016.

In 1992, Gery Keszler and Dr. Torgom Petrosian founded Life Ball. Now, 24 years later, it is time to elevate the ball to an entirely new level with AIDS LIFE becoming LIFE+. Life Ball is more than one great celebrity party – it is an institution of international importance with a crucial key-message: FIGHTING AIDS & CELEBRATING LIFE!

With the transformation to LIFE+, the umbrella organization has received a new identity. The organization stands behind the new philosophy of focusing on relevant HIV/AIDS topics in a more sustainable way, and giving them the much needed attention and presence throughout the year – far beyond the Life Ball itself. With a better understanding of our core message and greater awareness of HIV and AIDS, LIFE+ aims to achieve a more tangible and enduring impact on society by clearly advocating within the health sector as well as making a strong socio-political push for tolerance. Only together can we make the change happen and stop HIV and AIDS.

As an event, Life Ball continues to be a key element within the new brand structure. The newly integrated brand strategy allows additional cooperations with companies and organizations, in order to secure new sources of revenue. A new platform was created with LIFE+, which aims to create a positive added value for society – positive as in “plus” – because LIFE+ is more than just a brand. It is a symbol of tolerance, community, solidarity, and love.

Other important activities are coverd under the brand LIFE+ and thus, are being strengthened in the process. The Red Ribbon Celebration Concert, for example, will be called the LIFE+ CELEBRATION CONCERT in the future.


The Board of Directors is responsible for allocating the available funds to selected projects and organizations in the field of HIV/AIDS in Austria and internationally. Applications for financial support are examined thoroughly before grants are approved; and experts in the field are closely involved in the evaluation and selection process.

Donation seal of quality

LIFE+ carries the seal of quality for donations, which ensures correct financial conduct as well as proper internal monitoring.


LIFE+ supports national and international non-profit organisations that provide support to HIV-positive and AIDS patients. The focus lies on direct aid (financial support, benefits and social services), medical home care and social inclusion of those living with HIV/AIDS.


People living with HIV/AIDS worldwide


New infections 2015 worldwide


New cases diagnosed in Austria everyday


Gery Keszler

Dr. Brigitte Schmied
(Vice Chair)

Mag. Gabriele Hecht

Dr. Stefan Wurst
(Vice Treasurer)

Mag. (FH) Thomas Grubbauer

Doris Pommerening
(Vice Secretary)


Mag. Dr. Eveline Steinberger-Kern
(The Blue Minds Company)

Rudi Kobza
(Kobza Media Group)

Mag. Corinna Tinkler
(former REWE Group)

Robert Leingruber
(SIGNA Holding)

Heinz-Rudolf Miko
(European Commission)

Mag. Martin Ohneberg
(Federation of Austrian Industries)

Norbert Kettner
(The Vienna Tourist Board)


Verein LIFE+
Verein zur direkten Unterstützung von HIV-Positiven und
an AIDS erkrankten Menschen

ZVR 279376172
UID: ATU66830147
c/o Life Ball

Werdertorgasse 1
1010 Wien

Tel. +43-1-595 56 00
Fax +43-1-595 56 77


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