LIFE+ is the association that organizes the Life Ball. The umbrella brand promotes education, information, the development of social and health policies, as well as acceptance and openness when it comes to HIV/AIDS. Each year, the goals and activities of LIFE+ are bundled, in order to focus on a clear main campaign, which then supports all events and measures in terms of content.

The first one of these campaigns is KNOW YOUR STATUS. The goal of the campaign is to make knowing one’s immune status as natural as knowing one’s blood type. As mobile testing stations of AIDS Hilfe and expansive advertising campaign raise awareness for this cause, international organizations use their specific experience to support those affected by the virus.

From the very beginning, Life Ball has proven to be an innovative and effective tool to encourage the public, the government, and the international community to think about HIV/AIDS, to in turn raise awareness, reduce stigma, and, ultimately, change the world. Furthermore, within the last 25 years, LIFE+ started cooperating with important international organizations from Africa, Asia, and Europe, in order to support the needs of people and communities living with HIV/AIDS. In 2017, LIFE+ is planning to further expand the last decade’s successes and reinforce its activities in Austria, as well as increase the extent and dimension of its international reach.

In 2017, LIFE+ has cooperated closely with the following international organizations (in alphabetical order):

Supported Organisation

amfAR – The Foundation for AIDS Research

amfAR, an organization founded by Elizabeth Taylor and Dr. Mathilde Krim, is one of the largest international non-profit organizations focused on HIV prevention, AIDS research, treatment, education, and the advocacy of AIDS-related public policy. The partnership between LIFE+ and amfAR began in 2005 when its project TREAT Asia was the inaugural recipient the ‘Life Ball Crystal of Hope Award’.

Elton John AIDS Foundation (EJAF)

The Elton John AIDS Foundation was founded in 1992 by Sir Elton John and originally had its headquarters in New York. The organization’s goal is to reduce HIV/AIDS through innovative prevention programs, fight stigma and discrimination of people living with HIV/ AIDS as well as direct help and medical, psychological, and legal support for people affected.


Sentebale is a charity founded in 2006 by Prince Harry of Wales and Prince Seeiso of Lesotho to address the pediatric HIV/AIDS epidemic in Lesotho and Botswana. The goal of the organization is to help the most vulnerable children and young people in both regions – the victims of the HIV epidemic and extreme poverty. The name ‘Sentebale’ comes from the Sesotho language, meaning “forget me not“ and was chosen “as a memorial to the charity work of our own mothers, as well as a reminder to us all not to forget Lesotho or its children” (Prince Harry).

Dream For Future Africa Foundation

Founded by Gelila Assefa Puck in 2010, Dream For Future Africa Foundation is dedicated to providing opportunity and equity for those most in need in Africa.  The foundation’s primary focus is improving the economic sustainability of African families whose children are too often thrust into the working world without the appropriate training and skill-set to rise in the world. In order to address this and the wide-spread HIV epidemic, DFFAF has created the HIV Prevention Program that includes a vocational school for phlebotomy in Aleltu, Ethiopia, where youth can receive training and subsequently provide vital HIV testing services to their community.

I Want PrEP Now & Prepster

In 2015, Greg Owen launched the IWantPrEPNow website to fill the gap and provide all the necessary information about pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP).  That same year Dr. Will Nutland created PrEPster, a website aimed at educating and agitating for PrEP access in England and beyond. The following year, there was a 40% decrease in new HIV infections among gay men in London largely due to thousands of people buying preventative medication, pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP). Through their comprehensive platforms about PrEP and new partnership, the joint efforts of IWantPrEPNow and PrEPster have significantly contributed to the surge in PrEP usage and subsequently, the dramatic reduction of new HIV diagnoses in the United Kingdom over the last year; progress that is sure to continue thanks to their invaluable work.


The Board of Directors is responsible for allocating the available funds to selected projects and organizations in the field of HIV/AIDS in Austria and internationally. Applications for financial support are examined thoroughly before grants are approved; and experts in the field are closely involved in the evaluation and selection process.

Donation seal of quality

LIFE+ carries the seal of quality for donations, which ensures correct financial conduct as well as proper internal monitoring.


LIFE+ supports national and international non-profit organisations that provide support to HIV-positive and AIDS patients. The focus lies on direct aid (financial support, benefits and social services), medical home care and social inclusion of those living with HIV/AIDS.


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Rudi Kobza
(Kobza Media Group)

Mag. Corinna Tinkler
(former REWE Group)

Heinz-Rudolf Miko
(European Commission)

Mag. Martin Ohneberg
(Federation of Austrian Industries)

Norbert Kettner
(The Vienna Tourist Board)

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