Life Ball 2017

Recognize The Danger

The next Life Ball will be taking place on Saturday, June 10, 2017 at Vienna’s City Hall for the 24th time.

„The countdown is running. After 23 years of hosting the Life Ball, I am more convinced than ever:

The message is strong and concicse: the inspiration comes from the 1920s and 1930s, in which important artists such as the German painter Otto Dix portrayed self-critically.

“Recognize the danger – and that in every area, whether in health or within society. Let us open our eyes and look in the face of danger – this is the only way to act in time – for our society, for our health, for our future!”, says Gery Keszler. “I am convinced the new Life Bible will polarize massively. The actuality of the Life Bible is almost alarming. “

Gery Keszler was inspired during the final rehearsal for the Life Ball as a demonstration passed by the city hall, in the grey drizzle, while the Life Ball debutants – dressed as colorful flamingos – rehearsed their opening.

The contrast between the colorful Life Ball friends and the grey, dark demonstrators inspired Gery Keszler to this composition of the subjects.

The ball is still colorful. The Life Ball costumes should therefore be even more colorful. Extravagant headdresses as well as glamorous hairstyling and make up are gladly seen on the festival.

cashless at Life Ball 2017

At the Life Ball 2017, guests will celebrate completely cashless. During the Life Ball, everything – food, drinks, raffle tickets, and even donations – is paid with a cashless wristband.

On the Life Ball ticket, there is a personal cashless number by GET Global Event Technologies, with which you can set up an account on and already add money before the Life Ball night. On Life Ball night, the ticket is used to link the wristband to the respective cashless account.

After that, you can pay with your wristband all night long. You can add money to your wristband at any time at one of the charging stations using cash, debit card, or credit card. Those who do not want to use their cashless account can also pay with debit or credit card at the bars‘ terminals by SIX Payment Services (preferred partner: Mastercard). After the Life Ball night, you can use the code on your wristband to log onto the cashless platform and determine how much of the remaining balance you want to donate to LIFE+, and how much you want to get refunded.
Guests of the Life Ball 2017 can ask for the refund until July 25, 2017. Of course, you get an official confirmation if you make a donation. We kindly ask you to understand that LIFE+ cannot be made liable if wristbands are lost or stolen.


Life Ball 2017: KNOW YOUR STATUS!

In 2017, everything will be centered around the motto “Know Your Status”. The message is loud and clear: Only those regularly checking and knowing their immune status can get treatment in time and will not unknowingly infect others. The current statistics of the World Health Organization (WHO) and UNAIDS illustrate why it is more important than ever to “know your status”: 36.7 million people in the world are HIV-positive and suffer from AIDS, but according to estimations, around half of them know their immune status. There must be an end to this negative development – NOW!

The “Know Your Status” campaign is launching December 1, 2016 – on World AIDS Day. But before the year-long campaign runs out on December 1, 2017, it is going to culminate in the opening ceremony of the Life Ball 2017. “Know Your Status” will play a thematic role in the entire production of the Life Ball. Numerous national and international celebrities will join the movement and lead by example. Because, when it comes to educating young people, we still have a long way to go! Society, media and politic bear a great responsibilty. There is still an alarming ignorance among adolescents towards HIV mainly because an infection has stopped posing an immediate threat to one’s health.

Early detection saves lives! Lack of knowledge about HIV and AIDS is a breeding ground for ignorance and discrimination. We need to put an end to it! Myths about the disease still haunt the minds of many. It is social exclusion that makes people sick! Discrimination creates shame. And shame creates silence and repression. A clear societal statement against fear of contact and hysteria is imperative.

“The matter needs to be better heard and better understood. We as a society need to stand up if we want to promote noticeable change. Once we have achieved that, I am confident that putting an end to AIDS will move from a mere possibility to reality.”

In Cooperation with the Ministry of Health and Women’s Affairs


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