There is one crucial principle that stands out for the design and outfits of the Life Ball: It’s the colorful, life-affirming world of the individual artworks that should serve as inspiration for the outfits. Following the outfit itself, it’s the extravagant headdresses as well as glamorous hair styling and make-up that are the most important elements of the Life Ball styling. Outfits with red ribbons or creative add-ons that are considered a symbol for safer sex receive a bonus from the Style Police. Guests who intentionally insult or hurt other peoples’ feelings with their styling – e.g. by using religious or political symbols – will be denied access to the Life Ball. Furthermore, access will be denied to those wearing jeans, t-shirts, sneakers, or any other kind of casual clothing. Further information is available at:

Due to the large number of requests for the only 3,780 available Life Ball tickets, and in order to guarantee equal opportunities for all those interested, a random selection determines who receives a purchase option for a maximum of two tickets. Therefore, it was once again the Goddess Fortuna  who decided who receives a purchase option for the Life Ball 2017.

VIP tickets as well as gallery tickets are available for purchase. For details, please see the ticket categories below.

Ticket Categories:

Style Ticket à EUR 90

For our most creative Life Ball guests, whose efforts in creating a unique styling are rewarded with a discounted price. Inspiration and styling guidelines can be found at By acquiring a style ticket, the purchasers agree to the styling conditions.

Regular Ticket à EUR 180

Available for all those who can choose to come to the Life Ball in either a classical elegant outfit or a creative styling in this year’s RECOGNIZE THE DANGER Life Ball theme.

Gallery Tickets à EUR 900

In addition to the regular admission to the ball, you can enjoy culinary delights in the stylish ambiance of the ball room gallery and the exclusive view of the banquet hall from your table.

Included in the ticket is also a place on the VIP grandstand, from which you can experience the opening show the best way possible.  (The donation portion of the ticket is at least € 590, – and is tax deductible. If you are interested in tickets, please contact us by e-mail.)

Internationale Packages

For international guests wanting to participate at the Life Ball 2017, we are offering Life Ball International Packages including a ticket, air fare, and accommodation. For further information on packages and travel agents, please contact us by e-mail.

VIP Ticket à EUR 2.500

Experience the ball in all its splendor and make the most of the opportunity to have a special evening with your friends, colleagues, clients, or business partners. With the generous purchase of the VIP package, you may attend the gala dinner in the ballroom of the City Hall prior to the opening, followed by access to the VIP stands via the red carpet. At the ball itself, on top of a regular ticket, you have access to the exclusive VIP area in the Hall of Heraldry, which includes exclusive live acts and exquisite catering throughout the evening.

(The donation portion of the ticket amounts to at least €1.970 and is tax deductible. Should you be interested in this opportunity, please contact us by e-mail.)







By purchasing a ticket, you are agreeing to the ticketing Terms & Conditions as well as the House Rules of LIFE+ and Life Ball.

For further information or to make a reservation pleace contact:

Head of Ticketing
Miriam Brownstone, MBA

+43-1-595 56 00 – 14


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