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Life Ball, organized by LIFE+, celebrates its 25th anniversary this year. It was founded by Gery Keszler and Torgom Petrosian in 1993 and takes place at Vienna’s City Hall every year. Life Ball has become one of the world’s most important AIDS charity events. The seven-digit proceeds of this benefit event go to global aid projects, in collaboration with international partner organizations.

An unsurpassed number of international celebrities from the worlds of fashion, entertainment, and politics works tirelessly every year to raise awareness for this issue. The City of Vienna also contributes significantly to the success of Life Ball. Providing Vienna’s City Hall as the venue for this event clearly shows this city’s cosmopolitanism, tolerance, and social responsibility.

The message is loud and clear: Together we can end AIDS!

The fight against HIV:
a year-round mission

A year-round awareness campaign ensures that the dangers of HIV and AIDS remain in the public eye after the ball. National and international stars had their picture taken with the LIFE+ patch and encouraged others to get tested for HIV. The goal is to prevent HIV infections or detect them early on.

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Life Ball Next Generation

Information knows no age limits. Prevention and tolerance are not only for adults. This is why LIFE+ expanded its activities towards a younger audience and initiated the Life Ball Next Generation. The Life Ball Next Generation will be the kick-off event for all teenagers 16 years and older who are interested in prevention and health education and want to get engaged in the fight against HIV/AIDS. At the same time, the younger generation can get the Life Ball experience and party with national and international acts and DJs in the City Hall of Vienna.

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LIFE+ Celebration Concert

Since its inception, Life Ball regarded itself as a celebration for everybody, and never let itself be put into a specific niche. The Life+ Celebration Concert, the sister event of Life Ball, affirms this position. As the start event of Life Ball Week, the international world of opera and theater comes together on one of the most renowned stages of the world – Vienna’s Burgtheater - to spread the message that AIDS can only be defeated when we work together.

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amfAR’s EpicRide to Life Ball

This year’s Life Ball weekend starts with a unique motorcycle tour. amfAR celebrates its 25th anniversary in 2018, just like Life Ball. Therefore, it seems only logical to do something special together to commemorate this “double silver wedding”. This EpicRide to Life Ball is organized by amfAR in collaboration with LIFE+ and takes place from May 30th to June 1, 2018, bringing together a group of prominent bikers to raise money for amfAR’s life-saving research to find a cure for HIV/AIDS. The bikers travel from Zurich to Vienna and make several stops in various cities along the road to further the causes of amfAR and LIFE+.

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The Riders and the Route

After a kick-off event in Zurich, Adrien Brody, Katee Sackhoff, Michiel Huisman, Gilles Marine, Ian Bohen and JR Bourne start their journey on May 29 towards Bregenz in Austria. On Thursday, May 31 they hit the road again to drive to Salzburg and will arrive in Vienna on June 2, just in time for the 25th Life Ball.

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LIFE + considers itself responsible to continuously promotes awareness and public consciousness about the AIDS epidemic. Through Life Ball and our additional, yearly activities, LIFE+ works to raise funds to help those impacted by and living with HIV/AIDS and reduce stigma and discrimination.


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