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in the fight against HIV and AIDS

A high number of national and international commercial partners contribute to the success of the Ball with donations – thus enabling LIFE+, the charitable association behind Life Ball, to support HIV/AIDS projects of renowned partner organisations.

The best moments | LIFE BALL 2018 - The Sound of Music

Tailor-made cooperations

Life Ball offers diverse options for collaborating to its partners that are mutually beneficial – ranging from PR and advertising measures to individually tailored opportunities. Once the sponsoring budget has been determined, together with the sponsor, we develop strategies for implementing the donations at Life Ball. Every sponsor has the opportunity to participate in every step of the process  – before, during, and after the event.

We are happy to have an informal discussion on potential sponsoring opportunities in person.

If interested, please contact:

Sponsoring & Marketing
Doris Pommerening
+43-1-595 56 00 – 23










We work to ensure that our core partners are closely involved in the development, organization, and realization of Life Ball and its side events in order to offer an ideal presentation platform.

Life Ball as a marketing platform

During the last 26 years, Life Ball has become a major marketing platform, both nationally and internationally:

  • In 2017, LIFE BALL was ranked #1 in differentiation among all 1028 brands surveyed in Austrian BAV, leading the way ahead of brands like Australia, IKEA, Zotter or Coca-Cola
  • With a total value of around 10 Mio. Euros, Life Ball is an important economic event
  • Number of viewers on site at the City Hall Square: 40.000
  • Live TV broadcast at prime time in Austria and time-delayed in Germany and Switzerland, in addition to various special broadcast programs
  • Number of viewers during the live broadcast 2018:
    • Opening Show Live: 589,000 viewers (24% market share)

Without the support of our many sponsors Life Ball could not happen. Special thanks go to all the involved companies who, year after year, contribute greatly through their donations to the charitable success of this event.

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in the fight against HIV

LIFE + considers itself responsible to continuously promotes awareness and public consciousness about the AIDS epidemic. Through Life Ball and our additional, yearly activities, LIFE+ works to raise funds to help those impacted by and living with HIV/AIDS and reduce stigma and discrimination.


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