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The purpose of the organisation is to serve common public interest and assist with the development of health and emergency aid. It supports national and international non-profit organisations. Specifically, LIFE+ partners with organizations that provide direct assistance (funds, food, service), ensure equal rights and access to health care as well as encourage tolerance and inclusivity.


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LIFE+ is required by law to submit the amount of donations to the Austrian tax authority.

In this way your kind donation will automatically be claimed in the tax refund.

What do you need to do?

If you want to claim your donation as tax exempt, LIFE+ needs your full name (Residence Registration certificate) and your birth date.

If you don’t want to claim your donation as tax exempt, you don’t need to disclose your birth date.

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Verein LIFE PLUS – Verein zur direkten Unterstützung von durch epidemisch auftretende Infektionskrankheiten betroffene und erkrankte Menschen

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