World AIDS Day: „Jedermann im Dom“ with actor Philipp Hochmair raised preliminary donation sum of EUR 68.448,-

On November 30th, one day before World AIDS Day 2018, Philipp Hochmair inspired around 1,600 visitors at the benefit event “Jedermann im Dom”; in Vienna’s St Stephen’s Cathedral. Together with guest performances by Ulrike Beimpold (Buhlschaft), Sunnyi Melles (god and devil), Erni Mangold (Gute Werke), Konstanze Breitebner (mother and faith) and young talent Siya Urbanitsch-Schlacher (death), Hochmair and his band “Die Elektrohand Gottes” transformed the 100-year-old play “Jedermann” by Hugo von Hofmannsthal into a unique modern speech concert.

The sacral frame underlined the profoundness of the piece and reminded us of our inner contemplation. The unique event, to which the attorney of the Malteser order of knights Austria Norbert Saalburg Falkenstein, cardinal Christoph Schönborn and LIFE+ chairman Gery Keszler invited, obtained a provisional donation sum at a value of EUR 68,448, -.

This will benefit the South African Maltese AIDS hospice “Brotherhood of Blessed Gérard” and help care for the 736 patients.




photo (c) Katharina Schiffl

from left to right:
Clemens Schödl (General Manager, Gilead Sciences), Prokurator des Malteser-Ritter-Ordens Österreich Norbert Saalburg-Falkenstein, Gery Keszler (LIFE+ Obmann), Pater Gerhard Lagleder (Brotherhood of Blessed Gérard), Kardinal Christoph Schönborn, Dr. Michael Ludwig (Bürgermeister der Stadt Wien und Landeshauptmann), Toni Faber (Dompfarrer zu St. Stephan)


Brotherhood of Blessed Gérard

Brotherhood of Blessed Gérard is the aid organisation of the Order of Malteser in South Africa. Stationed in Mandeni in the KwaZulu-Natal region and led by Father Gerhard Lagleder, it is located in one of the regions most affected by the HI virus in the world. Poverty, malnutrition, immunodeficiency and a high infection rate dominate and affect the poorest of the poor, mainly women and children. Brotherhood of Blessed Gérard has made it its mission to help these people and make their suffering more bearable. The focus is on the “Blessed Gérard’s Care Centre”; which comprises various areas:



There are currently 736 HIV patients in treatment. Due to delivery difficulties, the supply of vital HIV drugs is threatening to dry up. An interruption of the antiretroviral therapy promotes the formation of resistances and leads to the continuation of the immunodeficiency and ultimately to the outbreak of AIDS – and would thus be a death sentence for the people already shaken by life in this bitterly poor region. A generic drug costs 3 euros per person per day, 93 euros per month.

Donations possible  Online or directly to the donation account of the ING: IBAN AT151936000454430025 | BIC: INGBATWW – Widmung: Malteser