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Raise awareness for HIV/AIDS

A central aim of the Life Ball is to raise awareness for HIV/AIDS, highlighting this issue publicly with a unique event. This is particularly necessary, as the Life Ball also serves as the voice of people living with HIV/AIDS. The threat of AIDS continues to persist the world over, because HIV and AIDS can affect anybody regardless of gender, age, social status or sexual orientation. This is the reason why it is imperative to continue fighting the virus.

This is why we ask all media representatives to cover HIV and AIDS-related topics independently of Life Ball as well.

Accreditation 2019

The accreditation for the 26th Life Ball is completed!

Please bear in mind that we could only accredit media who report regularly about LIFE+, its activities and the fight agains HIV/AIDS.

Your Life Ball Press Team

Press Kit 2019

Press Images

Thanks to the team of Life Ball photographers and our partner mediamid digital services GmbH, press photos of the Life Ball and its side events are available for download only a few hours after the event via the LIFE+ M@RS MediaPortal.

Usage is free of charge for editorial coverage of the Life Ball and when including the credit line (Life Ball / © name of the photographer / year).

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Thank you for your voluntary commitment and support.


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