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Prevention and tolerance are not just for adults. This is why LIFE+ expanded its activities towards younger audiences and started Life Ball Next Generation. Since 2017, it is a thank you for all young adults between the ages 16 to 18 who share HIV/AIDS-related information with their peers. Life Ball Next Generation is just as grandiose as its big brother at Vienna’s City Hall and takes place at 3th June 2018.

Life Ball Next Generation | Peer Education Workshop

- Sex education on equal terms -

The Project

Important issues including health care, sexually transmitted diseases, and sexuality are noticeably drifting out of focus among young people. Therefore LIFE+ created this prevention project in collaboration with Jugend gegen AIDS e.V. as well as the support of the Austrian Ministry for Education and Health. Jugend gegen AIDS e.V. is Germany’s biggest self-initiative that consists entirely if honorary members and provides free sex-education courses for young people.

Training dates will be announced shortly

Young people from all over the country have the opportunity to be trained as sex-education experts in training workshops held by Jugend gegen AIDS e.V.. In these two-day seminars, young people are trained in basic medical know-how, health care, knowledge transfer regarding sexual identities as well as rhetoric and body language. Peers who have taken this course can hold three-hour workshops at schools for young people of the same age.


Jugend gegen AIDS e. V. is the only self-initiative that consists entirely of honorary, adolescent members and provides sex education courses for schools, youth clubs, and training organizations. This association is a platform for youth-oriented and social commitment with more than 550 members in over 30 regional groups in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. Its members, aged between 14 and 27 years, are trained to become peers in seminars that take several days. This approach ensures that the association’s trainings provide sex education on equal terms.
With this project, we work towards a society for which sex education as well as open, relaxed exchanges about sexuality are a matter of course. We provide spaces for young people to talk about the things they may not know, without being ashamed of anything and without being judged. Every young person should have comprehensive knowledge about sexuality, and we want to contribute our part to this development with our project. Besides basic biological knowledge, we bring issues including contraception and sexually transmitted diseases to the world of young people, where we want to anchor them sustainably.
Our sex education workshops are designed for young people aged 16 to 18 years and are held directly at schools by peers of the same age group. This way we can talk openly with students and train them on equal terms, without any pressure or obligation. We prefer to hold these workshops with the students’ chairs arranged in a circle instead of conventional classroom settings with the trainers standing in front of the entire class.
Workshops are split into two 90-minute thematic blocks. The first part broaches the issue of sexuality and its resulting prejudices, sexual identities, and we talk openly about stereotypes and gender roles. The second part of the workshop comprises sexually transmitted diseases and measures to protect oneself against them effectively.
Jugend gegen AIDS e.V. trains young people in a two-day seminar to become peers. During this workshop young people learn about sexually transmitted diseases, rhetoric, body language, conflict management, and they get basic medical know-how. This workshop ensures that these young people are prepared to talk to their fellow students and can handle classroom situations.

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LIFE + considers itself responsible to continuously promotes awareness and public consciousness about the AIDS epidemic. Through Life Ball and our additional, yearly activities, LIFE+ works to raise funds to help those impacted by and living with HIV/AIDS and reduce stigma and discrimination.


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