Style Bible

United in Diversity.

The protagonists of the Style Bible 2019, elaborately decorated with Swarovski stones, emerge from a black-and-white circus world to find themselves in a colourful plane of diversity at the end of the rainbow. Their slogan is: “United in Diversity. Walking on the yellow brick road towards an end to AIDS.” On their way, they pick up an increasing number of odd figures. They are all “freaks” in their own right, each on the search for a home, a heart, a brain, or courage.

The Style Bible with its 208 pages, issued in a limited edition of 1,000, was made possible by publisher and editor Christian Pöttler from the echo medienhaus. Christoph Schörkhuber from the agency Seite Zwei took care of the graphical implementation. Supported by Swarovski, he conjured Dorothy’s sparkling red crystal shoe from the Wizard of Oz onto the cover.

The Style Bible was created in the USA and in Austria. Its pictures were taken by three star photographers: Markus Morianz and Denis Malerbi took the pictures of the black-and-white motifs before the backdrop of Circus Roncalli in Graz, while Marco Ovando shot with international celebrities in six rainbow colours in New York and Los Angeles. Each of these represents one of the six groups of the LGBTQA movement. Stars such as Dita Von Teese, Alan Cumming, Kelly Osborne, Gilles Marini, Tatjana Patitz and Cynthia Nixon appeared before his camera as ambassadors for the good cause.

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If you want your own Style Bible 2019, you can get it via the Life Ball Office. More Information: or 0043/1/595 56 00-14


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Style Bible

It is of central importance for Life Ball to increase the diversity of society and to make it visible as a strength of it, as well as to enhance tolerance for varied ways of life and love. Flamboyant outfits and creative stylings under the sign of the Red Ribbon and solidarity make an important visual statement for this, which is spread all over the world via the media and makes the Life Ball a unique event. The topic, which changes every year, serves as an inspiration and as a reoccurring theme which frames the program. It turns guests into participants who also create the mood of the whole event and still, it encourages everybody to give their individuality free play. Thus, a prerequisite for shining at the Life Ball as a holder of a Style Ticket is being imaginative.

How to dress with a message

Your Life Ball-Outfit is more than just a costume.

Brilliant, conservative, eccentric or unobtrusive: Tell me what you wear, and I’ll tell you who you are. The most important rule of fashion applies in the world of the Life Ball as well. One of its central intentions and messages is promoting diversity in society and strengthening tolerance for diverse ways to live and love. At the ball night in particular, extravagant outfits and creative stylings are not only a sign of solidarity, but also an important visual statement that is carried out into the entire world through the reporting media.

Leave it to the imagination

When it comes to being extravagant, you always have to be careful with your look: a brash, shocking display of your body or too provocative of an outfit can contribute to existing stigmas and misunderstandings and create new prejudices – which does not allign with the goals of Life Ball. Thus, it is recommended to carefully create an aesthetically sophisticated Life Ball outfit that leaves something to the imaginaton and to be desired. Please do not attend Life Ball in outfits replicate or mimic religious clothing, be respectful towards others and do not make erotic statements in connection with religious beliefs.

Guests who intentionally hurt other peoples’ feelings with their styling or violate religious opinions in any form will be denied access to the Life Ball.

It is not possible either to attend the Ball wearing jeans, t-shirts, sneakers or any other kind of casual clothes.



Dress to impress

Style Tickets & Regular Tickets

People who create an unique outfit and styling are rewarded and may buy Style Tickets for EUR 90 each – Regular Tickets are EUR 180 each. Furthermore, holders of Style Tickets may enter the Ball from the Ringstraße tribune and present themselves to the public and the media while walking down the Red Carpet. For entering the Red Carpet, it is imperative to respect the Life Ball dress code. It is assessed by the Style Police.

Style History

Discover the styles of the past years on our Style Bible history.



- United in Diversity. Walking on the yellow brick road towards an end to AIDS. -

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