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Here you find general information about tickets

Tickets are always available via our official ticketing partner. In 2018 our ticketing partner was WIEN TICKET.

Events by LIFE+ combine the joint fight against HIV/AIDS and colorful celebrations of life with their different worlds of experience. As the LIFE+ Celebration Concert unites the stars of opera and theater on the stage of Vienna’s Burgtheater for an unforgettable evening, the Life Ball Next Generation builds a hopeful bridge into the future. Embedded in this wide range of festivities. Life Ball plays a central role which is truly expanded with exciting new facets by these events.

The coveted Life Ball tickets are limited in number.

VIP and Gallery tickets can always be booked independently of this either directly through the Life Ball office.

Your ticket opportunities for LIFE+ events

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Style Ticket

Reserved for our most creative Life Ball guests, whose efforts in creating a unique styling are rewarded with a discounted Price every year. Inspiration and styling guidelines can be found in the Style Bible. By acquiring a style ticket, buyers agree to the styling conditions.

EUR 90

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Regular Ticket

Available for all those who want to choose to come to the Life Ball in either a classical elegant outfit or a creative styling in line with the annual Life Ball theme.

EUR 180

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Festival Hall VIP Ticket

2018 Life Ball launched a new ticket category: the Festival Hall VIP Ticket. Those who purchased this ticket, sold in limited numbers, had the opportunity to walk the red carpet to the VIP-stand in the Vienna City Hall Square to watch the opening show. Afterwards they celebrated the Life Ball at a personal VIP seat in the Festival Hall of the Vienna City Hall.

EUR 500

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Gallery Ticket

In addition to the regular admission to the ball, the guests enjoyed culinary delights in the stylish ambiance of the ballroom gallery with an exclusive view of the grand ballroom from their table. Included in the ticket was a place on the VIP grandstand, from where they experienced the opening show the best way possible.

EUR 900

LIFE+ Solidarity Gala Ticket

Before the opening ceremony, Moet & Chandon welcomed the guests of the elegant Black Tie Dinner with a champagne reception, followed by culinary delights. The highlight of the gala with the international stars and live acts was a charity auction of exclusive artist works, limited special editions and collectibles in favor of HIV/AIDS relief organizations. The guests had access to the whole Life Ball location as well as to the VIP area in the Festival Hall.
Solidarity Gala Ticket are always available via e-mail.

EUR 2500

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International Packages

For international guests wanting to participate at the Life Ball 2018, we offered Life Ball international packages including a ticket to the ball, airfare, and accommodation. For further information, please contact our partner RUEFA at

EUR from 559

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New York Packages

This exclusive package included the roundtrip on the Life Ball Plane (Economy Class), the Airport Transfers in Vienna, a 2 nights stay at a 5 star Hotel, a Welcome Dinner at the Albertina Passage on Friday as well as a Life Ball Regular Ticket.

EUR from 2000

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Free Ticket

The Life Ball Next Generation is organized to thank those young people who are committed to the good cause and have been trained in peer education.


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Regular Ticket

Tickets for LIFE BALL NEXT GENERATION are available at the event.

EUR 15

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Regular Ticket

Tickets for the LIFE+ CELEBRATION CONCERT are always available via our ticketing partner. Price ranges for the LIFE+ CELEBRATION CONCERT are always depending on the seating arrangements.
2018: € 190,00 / € 150,00 / € 110,00 / € 75,00 / € 40,00


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Donor boxes

Donor boxes included attendence at the Welcome Cocktail in Le Méridien and the possibility to join the general rehearsal for the Life Ball are always availabe via
The donation share is tax deductible.

EUR 1900

Doing good by purchasing a ticket

The donation portion of the ticket is tax deductible.

Should you be interested in this opportunity, please contact us via e-mail at


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