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Festsaal Lounge tickets are available at our ticket partner OETICKET and delegated according to the “first come – first served” principle. Available from June 14, 10:00 a.m.


LIFE+ events combine the joint fight against HIV/AIDS with colorful celebrations of life in their different worlds of experience. Infos about our side events of 2019 will be published soon.

The coveted Life Ball tickets are limited to 3.780 tickets.

Gallery Tickets and Festsaal Lounge Tickets can also be booked directly via the Life Ball office.

LIFE+ Solidarity Gala Tickets can be ordered via


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Style Ticket

Reserved for our most creative Life Ball guests, whose efforts in creating a unique styling are rewarded with a discounted price every year. Inspiration and styling guidelines can be found in the Style Bible. By aquiring a Style Ticket, buyers agree to the styling conditions.

Tickets available via OETICKET


EUR 90

Regular Ticket

Available for all those who want to choose to come to the Life Ball in either a classical elegant outfit or a creative styling in line with the annual Life Ball theme.

Tickets available via OETICKET


EUR 180

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Festsaal Lounge

Access to the Life Ball area via the red carpet with exclusive access to the VIP grandstand that offers a perfect view for the opening ceremony. For a glamorous ball night, the festival hall features a stylish lounge area where selected drinks are served.

Festsaal Loung tickets are available via the Life Ball office.

In the sum below a deductible donation amounting of min. EUR 299,96 is included in Austria.

EUR 550

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Gallery Ticket

You will have access to the ball area via the Red Carpet and will be seated on the VIP grandstand with a close-up view of the opening ceremony of the Life Ball. You will enjoy selected gastronomic specialties at your own table on exclusive gallery seats in the festival hall.

In the sum below a deductible donation amounting of min. EUR 596,32 is included in Austria.

EUR 990

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LIFE+ Solidarity Gala Ticket

Before the Life Ball opening ceremony, Moët & Chandon will welcome the guests of the elegant Black Tie Dinner with a champagne reception, followed by culinary delights. The highlight of the gala with international stars and live acts will be a charity auction of exclusive art pieces, limited special editions and collectibles in favor of HIV/AIDS relief organizations. The guests will have access to the whole Life Ball location as well as to the exclusive VIP area "Nordbuffet" in the festival hall. A donation share is included.

For booking please contact:

In the sum below a deductible donation amounting of min. EUR 1779,00 is included in Austria.

EUR 2500

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International Packages

In order to enable guests from abroad to attend the Life Ball 2019, Life-Ball Packages including ticket, journey and accommodation will be offered through Verkehrsbüro Group on their booking platform Just Away again in 2019.

Booking Hotline: / 089 122 341 83

EUR from 274

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Life Ball Party

Everybody who did not have the chance to catch a ticket for the Life Ball could join the party at Volksgarten right after the Opening Ceremony on Rathausplatz.

Tickets available on OETICKET.

EUR 20

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Life Ball After Hour

The Life Ball After Hour at Volkgarten will be the ideal party for all night owls who still have enough energy to party after sunrise.

Tickets available on OETICKET.

EUR 20

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Life Ball Family

We’re continuing our tradition of the Life Ball Family.

Applications are already closed.

EUR 90

Doing good by purchasing a ticket

The donation portion of the Galery tickets, the Festsaal Lounge tickets and the LIFE+ Solidarity Gala tickets is tax deductible.

Should you be interested in this opportunity, please contact us at

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LIFE+ considers itself responsible to continuously promote awareness and public consciousness about the AIDS epidemic. Through Life Ball and our additional, yearly activities, LIFE+ aim is to raise funds to help those impacted by and living with HIV/AIDS and reduce stigma and discrimination.


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