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Notwithstanding: The legendary „female Pope“ of the 9th century is deemed to be in fiction (and today!) as the signal of the question of the women‘ rights. When

will the church (also) become femaele, when will God be so good and gracious like the Mother of god? So many thoughts combines the assumed „traitress“ in herself –

certainly the vision, to open out the crusted role model settled in our heads and hearts. Yes, (ecspecially!) a woman can lead, can guide the threatening obscority into

a sun-pervated tomorrow. The apodictic message „Go forth and spawn yourself!“ would be a refinded rubber-explanation: „Go forth and adore yourself!“ She would

protect us, with her faith –and exspecialy with her faith in condoms.

Dieter Chmelar

The godhood of communication and information

sparkles in every color. Her rainbow combines the

colurful variety of life, which the Life Ball celebra-

tes as well. Her donations, causes gleam of joy and

rises a ray of hope on the horizion.

__Overjoyed like the rainbow: Iris

__Historic figure or just figured History: The female Pope