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As the `doctor of heaven´, he spreads his wings protecting us and accompanies

us in difficult times. As kind abider of the invalids around the world he gives

light that we can follow through the dark. He fills us with courage and

reaches out when we are stranded. He supports us with his stick when we

stumble. His message for us: You are not alone.  

At home at all world religions, above all prejudices, Gabriel

combines apparent opposites, overcomes every law and

disposes mercy. His gift is his innocence, symbolised with

the white lily, symbol for purity, that accomponies him


Not accepted by the church, but with the most powerful bond

of he earth. His energy assists to get going and to direct his

power to the goal. His red light dispenses power and optimism,

like the Red Ribbon at the Vienna city hall square on May 21st

as well.

__Invisible travel companion: Archangel Raphael

__Enunciator of mercy: Archangel Gabriel

__Earth bonded zest for life: Archangel Uriel