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, the organization standing behind the Life Ball, has become a reliable partner over the past ten years of national and international non-

profit-organizations fighting against HIV and AIDS. The Life Ball offers his representatives a platform of broad reach and high profile from all walks

of life and age groups.

On its tenth anniversary of financial support of international projects the Life Ball 2011 experiences a new milestone: Along with the

first cooperation

between AIDS LIFE and UNAIDS

, the United Nations´ anti-AIDS-program, we usher in a

new era as mouthpiece in the fight against HIV/AIDS


The 19th Life Ball carries on the

four-year-cycle of elements

brought into being in 2008 using the third element:


. Air is invisible – just as the

threat of the contagious HI-Virus. Although we can not see either of them, they are nevertheless existing – likewise the social marginalization of

people affected by this deadly disease. 

Worldwide there are 33,3 million people – among them 2.5 million children – living with HIV/AIDS.

Every day there are 7.400 new infections with the HI-Virus.

2011 occurs to be the 30th anniversary of the HI-Virus´ discovery. Unfortunately an anniversary that can not be celebrated – but a thought-provoking

one – thoughts about what has happened since 1981. We look back on 30 years of achievements and setbacks, progress and stagnation, hope and sorrow.

HIV-infected people are still exposed to outlawing. Disadvantages in one´s everyday life and working world, fears of contacts by fellow human

beings and the escape into anonymity are only few of numerous “side effects” of “social AIDS”. In 79 countries have a discriminatory legislation;

51 countries deny the right of entry to those who are infected by HIV, in 84 countries there are laws, which criminalize and stigmatize them.

Against those prejudices and demarcations the Life Ball is by now fighting since 19 years. As an international stage for solidarity, tolerance and

openness dealing with HIV-infected people.

While the rates of new infections in Africa are for the first time declining and the numbers in Asia are leveling off, the situation in Eastern Europe

is getting worse. Especially in Russia and the Ukraine, only 370 km away from the Austrian frontier, conditions are depressing. Only together with

your donations and the help of international organizations, which supply those countries with necessary help, we can accomplish, that the sun will

be soon rising again in the east.

Still there is a big lack of knowledge about HIV/AIDS. The media make an indispensable contribution to awareness-rising and enlightenment on

this deadly disease. Unfortunately it is a tragic fact, that millions of people all over the world still do not know how to protect themselves from

HIV/AIDS. That´s why it is so essential not to soften the call for attention on this topic and to provide those with a voice, who can´t raise their

own. The media shall therefore act as the aid organizations “messengers”, since information is prevention.

On May 21st let´s become ambassadors of tolerance, let´s vest her wings and carry her loudly out into the world.

Spread the Wings of Tolerance!

Whole-heartedly on behalf of the entire team,

Gery Keszler

Chairman AIDS LIFE & Life Ball Organizer

Being the messanger of gods, he proclaims the signal of sanity and demands for intuition and

understanding among each other. His mind is faster then the light, where he transfers essential

information. His medium is the message. His way is information for prevention.

__Ambassador of light: MERCURY

Life Ball 2011 –

Spread the Wings of Tolerance!