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Thus in desire

I hasten to enjoyment,

And in enjoyment pine

to feel desire.

Johann Wolfgang vonGoethe

Warned by the oracle


he will one day be slain by

his grandson, King Acrisius

decides to hide his daughter

Danaë away from the world

and confines her in a tower. But

this cannot detain the father of

the gods: lovesick Zeus visits

Danaë in the form of a shower of

gold. She bears him a son who

fulfills the prophecy. Passion-

ate desire is an unstoppable

force. It will always find a way,

although its consequences can

be as unpredictable as desire



Viktoria Hooper

/ Wiener Models |

Make-up: Einat Dan | Hair: Christine Wegsc-

heider | Assistant: Lisa Entholzer | Body­

painting & airbrush make-up: Birgit Mörtl