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LIFE+ Celebration Concert

The LIFE+ Celebration Concert has been the sister event of Life Ball since 2012 and marks the brilliant beginning of the Life Ball Week. National and international stars of the opera and theater world come together on the stage of Vienna’s Burgtheater for this event. With their unique performances, they send the clear message that we can only defeat HIV/AIDS if we stand together. The next LIFE+ Celebraton Concert will take place on 29th May 2018.

Life+ Celebration Concert - Recognize The Danger 2017

Fighting HIV and AIDS

As one of the world’s biggest AIDS charity events, the Life Ball has not only been celebrating life since 1993, but also diversity, tolerance, and respect. The Life+ Celebration Concert is a more intimate event than the Life Ball, which is always staged very “loudly” in order to get its message across and raise funds for AIDS projects. The concert, however, is aimed at a slightly different target group, lovers of classical art and music. Both events have the same goal: fighting HIV and AIDS. The event’s unique program is characterized by pieces of classical music, interpreted by famous singers, which alternate with readings done by renowned actors and actresses. The readings are about topics like humanity, equality, or human dignity, but they also touch on current issues and the motto of the Life Ball.


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The LIFE+ Celebration Concert on 6. June 2017

The LIFE + Celebration Concert on June 6, 2017 once again included a wide range of musical and literary highlights. Under last year’s Life Ball slogan “Recognize the Danger”, numerous famous opera singers and actors united against AIDS and supported HIV/AIDS aid projects around the world with their performances.

Sumi Jo, South-Korean soprano, Grammy award winner, and Oscar® nominee; René Pape, who has the most beautiful bass voice in the world; Linda Watson, one of the most important Wagner singer of our time, Bo Skovhus, baritone and the audience’s favorite; Angela Denoke; sopranos Maria José Siri, Daniela Fally and Pumeza Matshikiza; Julia Novikova, Operalia winner; Andrea Carè, the last pupil of Pavarotti and young tenor as well as Ekaterina Siurina, Charles Castronovo and Wiener Comedian Harmonists raised their voices against AIDS.

Yury Revich, ECHO Classic Newcomer 2016, created magical sounds on his Stradivari, and Alma Deutscher, musical prodigy aged eleven, was the youngest artist on the stage. Great actors like Sunnyi Melles, Maria Happel, Chris Lohner, Yvonneka Kálmán and Oscar® winner Karl Markovics provided the greatest literary enjoyment. The Tonkünstler-Orchester was conducted by Alfred Eschwé, and the concert was once again directed by Alexander Wiegold.


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LIFE + considers itself responsible to continuously promotes awareness and public consciousness about the AIDS epidemic. Through Life Ball and our additional, yearly activities, LIFE+ works to raise funds to help those impacted by and living with HIV/AIDS and reduce stigma and discrimination.


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