Style Bible

An homage to The Sound of Music

The new Style Bible shows an elaborate photo spread that reinterprets iconic scenes from 1956 movie by reimagining polarizing themes such as religion, tradition, and tolerance in a new, artistic context. For the first time this year, the photos were taken at original locations of the eponymous Hollywood film. The elaborate photo book was designed by Michael Balgavy and is published by Verlag für moderne Kunst. The Style Bible is available in book stores for  € 25,- . It can also be ordered through the publishers online shop. Go to the Shop

Discover this year’s styles online now! Click through the colourful world of this years Style Bible and get inspired by our creative ideas.


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Style Bible

It is of central importance for Life Ball to increase the diversity of society and to make it visible as a strength of it, as well as to enhance tolerance for varied ways of life and love. Flamboyant outfits and creative stylings under the sign of the Red Ribbon and solidarity make an important visual statement for this, which is spread all over the world via the media and makes the Life Ball a unique event. The topic, which changes every year, serves as an inspiration and as a reoccurring theme which frames the program. It turns guests into participants who also create the mood of the whole event and still, it encourages everybody to give their individuality free play. Thus, a prerequisite for shining at the Life Ball as a holder of a Style Ticket is being imaginative.

A Dirndl in itself is not an outfit but an excuse

Apart from the outfit, flamboyant head jewelry as well as a glamorous hair styling and make up round off the Life Ball look and thus, they are decisive for whether you are allowed to enter with a Style Ticket. Outfits containing Red Ribbons or creative add-ons as symbols of safer sex get a bonus from the Style Police. Fetish styles are an indication of power, but also of protection, devotion and trust – topics which are also important for the Life Ball.

Leave it to the imagination

When it comes to being extravagant, you always have to be careful with your look: a brash, shocking display of your body or too provocative of an outfit can contribute to existing stigmas and misunderstandings and create new prejudices – which does not allign with the goals of Life Ball. Thus, it is recommended to carefully create an aesthetically sophisticated Life Ball outfit that leaves something to the imaginaton and to be desired. Please do not attend Life Ball in outfits replicate or mimic religious clothing, be respectful towards others and do not make erotic statements in connection with religious beliefs.

Guests who intentionally hurt other peoples’ feelings with their styling or violate religious opinions in any form will be denied access to the Life Ball.

It is not possible either to attend the Ball wearing jeans, t-shirts, sneakers or any other kind of casual clothes.

Dress to impress

Style Tickets & Regular Tickets

People who create an unique outfit and styling are rewarded and may buy Style Tickets for EUR 90 each – Regular Tickets are EUR 180 each. Furthermore, holders of Style Tickets may enter the Ball from the Ringstraße tribune and present themselves to the public and the media while walking down the Red Carpet. For entering the Red Carpet, it is imperative to respect the Life Ball dress code. It is assessed by the Style Police.




Style History

Discover the styles of the past years on our Style Bible history.



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The coveted Life Ball tickets are limited in number. Therefore, there is no ticket guarantee or the possibility of a binding pre-booking of Life Ball tickets for Style and Regular tickets.

VIP and Gallery tickets can be booked independently of this either directly through the Life Ball office or also online at our partner shops. For international guests wanting to participate at the Life Ball 2018, we are offering Life Ball international packages including a ticket to the ball, airfare, and accommodation. For further information on international packages and travel agents, please contact us via e-mail.

Information concerning a sales start 2018 will be announced soon.


Guests with imaginative outfits and extravagant styling contribute to the overall atmosphere and are therefore an indispensable part of the Life Ball night. As active contributors, they are a vital sign of openness and tolerance. Imagination, fantasy, and desire for styling are the prerequisites for shining at Life Ball with a reduced-price Style Ticket. These are for the most creative Life Ball guests, whose efforts to create a creative styling are rewarded with a discounted price.

Style Ticket

Reserved for our most creative Life Ball guests, whose efforts in creating a unique styling are rewarded with a discounted price. Inspiration and styling guidelines can be found in the Style Bible. By acquiring a style ticket, buyers agree to the styling conditions.

EUR 90

Regular Ticket

Available for all those who want to choose to come to the Life Ball in either a classical elegant outfit or a creative styling in line with the annual Life Ball theme.

EUR 180

Galerie Ticket

In addition to the regular admission to the ball, you can enjoy culinary delights in the stylish ambiance of the ballroom gallery with an exclusive view of the grand ballroom from your table. Included in the ticket is a place on the VIP grandstand, from where you can experience the opening show the best way possible.

EUR 900

VIP Ticket

Experience the ball in all its splendor and make the most of the opportunity to have a special evening with your friends, colleagues, clients, or business partners. With the generous purchase of the VIP package, you attend the gala dinner in the ballroom of City Hall prior to the opening, followed by access to the VIP grandstand via the red carpet. At the ball itself, on top of a regular ticket, you have access to the exclusive VIP area, which includes exclusive live acts and exquisite catering throughout the evening.

EUR 2500

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