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Who has no spring no

bloom will see! Who

silent keeps, no echo

hears! Whose heart

sings not, no poet he,

Who does not love,

no love he shares.

Otto Prechtler

Under Pallas Athena’s


ful eye, Theseus wrestles with

the Minotaur. Man and beast

symbolize the struggle be-

tween progress and tradition—

the same struggle that the Vien-

na Secession fought around the

turn of the nineteenth century.

The goddess of the arts seems

calm and benign as she ob-

serves the unfolding of events.

But her wisdom is reserved for

those who seek to overcome




strive for renewal.

Pallas Athena:

Beate Barton

/ Wiener Models |

Make-up & hair: Peter Schindler/

perfectprops |Shield:BirgitMörtl |


Moritz Deters | Make-up: Einat Dan |



Clemens Hartleb

/ Tempo Model s

| Make-up: Einat Dan | Bodypainting & air-

brush: Birgit Mörtl | Costumes: Kostümfun-

dus ART for ART with decorative elements

by Swarovski and Zaruba



There is one treasure to

which you can add day

and night: the treasure

of good deeds.

Japanese proverb

In his blind greed King Midas

asks the god Dionysus for what-

ever he touches to be turned

into gold. He does not stop

to consider that his food and

drink will turn into gold, too,

and that he may soon die of

hunger and thirst. Worse than

that, the god’s questionable

gift condemns Midas to a terri-

ble loneliness, since his touch

turns people into gold as well:

his loved ones are changed into

precious but inanimate objects.

Dionysus takes pity on the pen-

itent king and lifts the curse. Mi-

das devotes the rest of his life

to helping others. All the gold in

the world does not bring happi-

ness if it cannot be shared; true

contentment lies in using one’s

riches to do good.

King Mi


Stanislav Jakuschevskij

/ Body & Soul |


Sophie Marie Fraus-


/ Mother Agency |

Make-up: Einat

Dan und Jody Cuberli/perfectprops | Hair:

Regina Breitenfelder, Anna Winkelhuber |

Bodypainting: Birgit Mörtl | Costumes: Kos­

tümfundus ART for ART with decorative

elements by Swarovski and Zaruba