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Three sisters named past, present and future live in the roots of the world tree.

Through yarning the thoughts of their sleeping mother Erda they are weaving the knowledge about the course of the world

during a night of solidarity until the crack of dawn.

__Prelude to the International AIDS Conference

__Three Cheers for Life!

__ »Circle of Life«: The Quadrennial Cycle

__ »Life-Style« for terrestrials

__ »Planet Life« as the »Center of Earth«

__ Creativity, Fascination & Inspiration instead of Provocation

__ Celebrating the Joy of Life. It’s up to US!

Life Ball 2010 –

Sow the Seeds

of Solidarity!

The Life Ball night on the 17th of July 2010 marks the festive prelude to “AIDS 2010”, the 18th annual world-AIDS-conference which is

organized by the international AIDS Society and will take place in Vienna this year (18th to 23rd of July). As the world’s most important,

biggest, and most versatile gathering on a global health issue, the world-AIDS-conference represents a crucial platform for the discus-

sion and the publication of scientific, social, and political developments in the field of HIV / AIDS. The conference is attended by about

25,000 participants (representatives of special interest groups, NGOs, inflicted individuals, and experts from all over the world) in order

to exchange experiences concerning HIV prevention, treatment, and care. The motto of the conference:

»Rights Here, Rights Now«.

This year’s Life Ball Night will feature three events at three historical locations in Vienna: In cooperation with the international

partner organizations Elton John AIDS Foundation, Clinton Foundation and the Foundation for AIDS Research, not only the Vienna

City Hall but also the Parliament and the Burgtheater (the former imperial court theatre) will become »stages of life«.

In 2009 the cycle of elements originated with water and its motto »Let Love Flow!« will continue in 2010 with the element earth and

the corresponding motto »Sow the Seeds of Solidarity!«. With element air in 2011 we »Spread the Wings of Tolerance!« and finally the

element fire concludes the quadrennial cycle when we “Fight the Flames of Ignorance!

1 Ball, 4 Elements, 4 Mottos: 144 – A Cry for


Let it be heard, let it resound loudly throughout the world and hope for an echo of donations. Nevertheless regarding all the

party, the serious background of the Life Ball should not be forgotten:

The support of HIV-inflicted and people suffering from AIDS.

As a source of inspiration for those, who at the Life Ball, would like to attract attention in a positive way, the Style Bible provides

suggestions for extraordinary outfits. It is inspired by the Nordic and ancient theotechny, mythological allegories, and characters of

stage plays. From Erda & Odin, Orpheus & Eurydice, Puck and the woodland fairies from A Midsummer Night’s Dream or the earth

signs are referenced in the Style Bible.

2010, the focus of the creative realization lies on the motto “Sow the Seeds of Solidarity” and the element earth, our planet. The

harmonious cooperation mirrors the philosophy of the Life Ball: The dissolving of boundaries in life, the fusion of seemingly contra-

dictory worlds: Guests in elegant evening dress meet dazzling personalities in iridescent costumes for a joint celebration of life. The

play with opposites can be found at many levels – it is the fight between scarcity and abundance or the duel between life and death.

Every single Life Ball guest makes a statement with his outfit and thusly makes a crucial contribution to the image of the Life Ball

presented through the media. As ambassadors of life fighting against AIDS, we all have a great responsibility for the way the Life Ball

is perceived by the public; as well as, a great responsibility for the numerous helping hands and important support agencies whose

voice the Life Ball tries to be made heard.

For this reason it is extremely important to meet these serious issues with a life-affirming appearance instead of causing irritation

through mere provocation and thus be met with disapproval. The Life Ball does not want to snub anybody – neither religiously, nor

socially or culturally.

On that note my appeal to all guests of this year’s Life Ball:

Let us turn the Life Ball Night 2010 into

A Midsummer Night’s Dream!

Whole-heartedly on behalf of the entire team,

Gery Keszler

Chairman AIDS LIFE & Life Ball Organizer


In their garden, the Hesperides, the daughters of

Atlas, cultivate the golden apples for beauty and never-aging youth. As the paradisiacal fruit

the apple grows on the tree of knowledge in the shadow of the snake, as a symbol for a

responsible decision in the way one deal’s with love and passion.