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The beautiful nymph Eurydice believed

to be irrevocably lost, the devoted bard Orpheus even conquers death with his love. The

couple finds eternal bliss in the Elysium.

__The Foundation for AIDS Research (amfAR) & TREAT Asia

__ William J. Clinton Foundation HIV / AIDS Initiative (CHAI)

__ Elton John AIDS Foundation (EJAF)

__ 1:0 for Life: MYSA (Mathare Youth Sports Association)

__ New Hope for Cambodian Children (NHCC)

Hope despite


The money raised through the Life Ball has always been used to support numerous national initiatives and international organiza-

tions which are dedicated to the fight against the HI-virus. The projects are dedicated to help the affected and their families as well

as to the prevention of HIV / AIDS in different ways. In 2009 the association AIDS LIFE supported the following projects:

International Projects & Partners

TREAT Asia is a project for the social and medical training of medical staff and people inflicted by HIV in several Southeast Asian

countries. Its goal: To ensure treatment (focusing on children with HIV / AIDS): EUR 500,000

Since several years CHAI has advocated measures aiming to improve treatment and prevention programs in developing countries.

CHAI adapts health care systems, trains personnel, ensures the access to medicine and conducts price negotiations with pharmaceu-

tical companies: EUR 350,000

Ever since it has been established by Sir Elton John, EJAF has collected over 80 million US Dollars for international HIV / AIDS pro-

jects in 55 countries. This leading international NGO focuses on financing local HIV / AIDS initiatives for the direct aid of those

affected: EUR 737,315.79

With HIV prevention campaigns in soccer clubs and other groups for leisure time activities in the slums of Nairobi, trained juveniles

(peer groups) pass on their knowledge to peers about how to improve sexual health. The sport, culture, and counseling programs of

this initiative are very well received: EUR 76,812

New Hope for Cambodian Children (NHCC), an organization operating in Cambodia, houses around 200 HIV positive children in its

orphanages. NHCC ensures their medical treatment and facilitates their schooling: EUR 40,000