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Owing to brutishness, he has to bear the world’s load in all eternity. As an

unfaltering penitent he cannot move or change although he would like to change into something festive considering

the world’s exciting splendor. Naked, the world’s everlasting bearer now stands outside the imaginative festivity.

The Earth Signs

Taurus – Solid as a Rock |

He is a powerful herald of spring, irrepressible and a lust for life. Masculine and earth-

bonded, he is ruled by Venus who gives him the ability to love. But whom? Capricorn or Virgo, masculine or feminine,

knightly and tolerantly he unites the extremes.

Virgo – Knowledge Is Power |

She has a sharp mind that protects her from immoderateness. Her generosity yields

hope to her fellow men,from her helpfulness reap salutation. To plant self-determination is her message, to harvest

vitality her motto.

Capricorn – Ambitious Materialist |

Sure-footedly he sets a good example. In order to reach the highest peak,

no path can be too narrow, too steep. His sense of responsibility is his greatest strength. He knows the rules which

are essential to live and to prosper. Bravely he defies all ignorance.


Kiss of Karma: Tyche |

The goddess of fortunate providence influences the course of the world. Torn between

winter and summer beautiful Tyche augurs both scarcity and abundance. Moderately directing their fate, Tyche

yields hope for humans. She is the blooming life at the ball of life.


Abiding at Tyche’s side, lad Ploutos represents the abundance of earth.

He is a young sprout whose lore from the netherworld allows him to abundantly sprout the earth’s treasures. In his

hands he carries the cornucopia of burgeoning fertility. Bringing joy and yielding hope his nocturnal orbit circles the

lucid ball night.