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ERDA: “MOTHER EARTH” – Origin of all Life |

The world’s wisest woman predicts all human’s fate in her dreams and

sends out her children to fulfill it. Her warnings raise mankind’s awareness for solidarity and wake them from their

sleep for a wild dance against indifference and ignorance.

__ Against Social Exclusion

__ Prevention - the light of life

__ Nationwide AIDS Help



__ Positive Dialog



__ HIVmobil


__ Innsbruck University Hospital

__ XTRA! Association for Health Information

in the Area of HIV, AIDS, and STDs

National Projects & Partners

AIDS ist eine tödliche Immunschwäche-Krankheit, die ganze Gesellschaftsstrukturen nachhaltig gefährdet und für die es zwar eine

Behandlung, aber bisher keine Heilung gibt.

Unfortunately within the population, there prevails an unfounded feeling of security and ignorance. Safer sex is often not practiced,

the risk belittled, and being blinded by the danger. This repression allows for the increase of new infections - in Austria alone there

was an increase of 0.4 % of new infections in 2009 to that of the year before. Generally, the higher the level of information, the

greater willingness for preventative behavior and thusly minimizing the risk of infection. Awareness campaigns are therefore an

indispensable instrument. More a reason for the Life Ball to contribute to the awareness of HIV/AIDS.

AIDS is also a social problem. Medical treatment cannot relieve the psychological strain or fight the social exclusion of those affec-

ted. Many institutions and associations are dedicated to helping HIV-positive fellow mankind and fight against social ignorance in

our society.

The Austrian AIDS Help, subdivided into seven independent regional societies, supports people with HIV / AIDS in their everyday

life with the disease. Over 50 percent of the requests for support filed by the Austrian AIDS Help concern the direct aid of affected

people in sudden emergencies.

AIDS Hilfe Wien

(Direct aid, monitoring of those affected, daycare center, vacation benefits,

massage project, seminars for clients, activity center): EUR 150,000

Steirische AIDS Hilfe

(Direct aid, activities, vacation benefits): EUR 33,000

AIDS Hilfe Salzburg

(Direct aid, employment project, sport therapy, vacation benefits): EUR 31,660

Oberösterreichische AIDS Hilfe (Direct aid, employment project, vacation benefits, travel benefits to meetings

of HIV-positive people, therapeutical measures): EUR 22,750

AIDS Hilfe Vorarlberg

(Direct aid, employment project, meetings for HIV-positive people,

leisure time activities, vacation project, hospital runs): EUR 18,350

AIDS Hilfe Tirol

(Direct aid, employment project, vacation benefits): EUR 19,500

Organizing sporting and cultural activities, the “Positive Dialog” is a self-help group by and for people affected by HIV / AIDS and

their relatives which supports them in returning to an independent life. Life Ball makes it possible. Strengthening their social

contacts and the possibility for mutual exchange allows those affected to gain a foothold in society far from bureaucracy and pub-

lic authorities: EUR 18,500

HIV Mobil is a project of the society for H.I.V. – specific medical in-home care and social guidance

for people with HIV / AIDS. This project allows an individual, extramural

care and treatment: EUR 71,106.03

Beeper watches, pill tins, food coupons: EUR 3,000

Contribution to printing costs

for informational and

educational work: EUR 6,000