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__Life Ball Dress Code



__Selection procedure:

__Life Ball Ticket auction:

General advanced

ticket sales

For the first time in cooperation with the Krone newspaper, Austria’s largest circulating daily newspaper, AIDS LIFE presents the

general advanced ticket sale for the Life Ball 2010.

Pre-registration is from Wednesday, March 24, starting at 11:30 am to Wednesday, April 21, at 3:00 pm at


Life Ball Tickets at EUR 150 as well as Style Tickets at EUR 75.

Repeated registration increases the chance of tickets! It is possible to register once an hour for a purchase option. Purchasers of

Style Tickets

agree to the terms of styling-conditions, which will be available starting March 24 at

From all received registrations, available tickets will be allotted by a random generator. All participants will be notified per Email by

April 24, as to whether one has secured a Life Ball Ticket. Per person, a maximum of two tickets can be purchased.

From June 28 to July 12, 2010 the last 100 tickets will go under the virtual hammer at

. Furthermore Life Ball will alloca-

te further tickets from special contingents in the weeks following. All information regarding tickets will be constantly updated and

published at

The current T&Cs as well as the general rules of Life Ball apply for all ticket offers. They can be found


The general terms and conditions of ticket sales, as well as, the site rules for Life Ball can be obtained at

The Style Ticket is intended for all guests who enjoy styling and allow their creativity free play and therefore contribute to the

success of the Life Ball. Unlike the regular ticket at EUR 150.00, Life Ball pays tribute to special effort and with the Style Ticket at

EUR 75.00 offers a more attractive alternative to experience the Life Ball.

The creation of a stunning costume for the Life Ball should be understood as a signal against small mindedness

and conservatism. Your appearance should be spectacular, opulent, glamorous, imaginative, and should also

provoke conventions. At the same time your Life Ball styling expertise has an influence on the emotions of the

viewers and the media, and therefore you have the responsibility to create awareness for the fight against AIDS.

The dress code excludes participation at the Life Ball when wearing jeans, t-shirt and sneakers, and other casual

clothing. With the Style Ticket you have the privilege to enter the Life Ball from the Ring “Ringstraße” and to

walk down the red carpet. The admission to the red carpet is guarded by the Style Police which supervises the

Life Ball dress code.

Extravagant headdress, outstanding hair style, and glamorous make-up are important for the first impression

and essential for entering with a Style-Ticket. The best addresses for wigs, hairpieces, bald heads, flashy hair

colors and glitter, elaborate headdress such as feathers, diadems, crowns and hats, as well as oversized eyelashes,

nails, and bodypainting can be found at

The right Life Ball outfit is not a carnival costume. Each year a new ball theme is created to give you an orien-

tation for your styling. Behind this theme lies a deeper meaning that dominates the whole program and makes

you to participants. The offerings from numerous costume and fancy dress rentals and their trusted experts can

offer useful hints for your individual look. Contacts to costume rentals and a list of providers for textiles, tulle,

sequin, fake fur, flowers, costume jewelry, and special accessories can be found at


If your styling carries special symbols for the fight against AIDS or symbols of safe sex you will have a bonus when

passing the Style Police.

Fetish outfits signalize power, protection, commitment and trust – terms that are also very important to the

Life Ball. Leather & latex should cause admiration and demand a thoughtful use. Shocking self-display only

provokes incomprehension and prejudices.

The beauty of naked bodies lies in the eyes of the spectator. The desire to play with intimacy is transported by

visions not by blank presentation.

The playing with illusions of painted bodies should be an inspiration. The appearance in sexy lingerie as well –

but the Life Ball is a festival of aesthetics.

Masks allow you to play roles. They dissolve structures of society and allow new models of living. But when

choosing the wrong mask it can also be a demasking. Role play with the intention of amusement only makes

room for being hurt and will not be able to enter the Life Ball.


Constantly searching for knowledge, Odin, god of light, becomes an erratic wan-

derer of the world. Driven to inform the future he is concerned to turn the world’s fortune to good account. Only with human aid

can he succeed.


In the empire of dreams and fairytales the liaisons are tangled and confused. The fairies

are at the feet of the sweet instigators of confusion and the Queen of Elves is enchanted by love potions. A peaceful get together of

manifold creatures in a merry Midsummer Night’s Dream on the 17th of July in Vienna.