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__The Life Ball Night – Your ticket to the ball of balls

__Style Tickets

__Burgtheater (the former imperial court theatre):

Red Ribbon Cotillion

__Vienna City Hall & City Hall Square

__Parliament: amfAR Gala

»Live« am

Life Ball 2010

»Taking part is everything« also applies to Austria’s biggest charity-event fighting HIV and AIDS – the Life Ball. The event

combines Viennese ball tradition with modern party culture aiming to collect donations for national and international HIV / AIDS-


The VIP-Ticket for an impressive and dignified evening including an exclusive gala dinner to benefit »Treat Asia«, of »The Foundati-

on for AIDS Research« (amfAR).

With its unique atmosphere and an international audience this event will be a very special society-highlight.

The live opening ceremony on the City Hall Square is followed by a vivacious and colorful party inside the Vienna City Hall – the

first and biggest AIDS-charity-event in a political building!

For all current ticket information concerning the above mentioned events, can be found at

Are you up to get styled according to the motto of the Life Ball 2010? The impartial »Life Ball Style Police« will decide whether the

costumes match the styling conditions. Orientation, inspiration, and further information at


Their prudence protects us from super-

stitiousness and prejudice. Sent out to the furthest corners of the world, the two ravens are

Odin’s ambassadors of truth and solidarity. 2010 their message is »Sow the Seeds of Solidarity«.


The seasons are her subjects, wheat and poppy her attributes. Once vestal lust for living,

soon the mother of growing wisdom or the wise aged woman in the autumn of life, she is the feminine diversity at the ball of life. Carrying

the eternal light, she is a symbol of hope and life.