Life Ball 2017

Recognize The Danger

The Life Ball took place on Saturday, June 10, 2017 at Vienna’s City Hall for the 24th time.

The messages was loud and cleaer:


The Life Ball team is delighted to announce that preliminary net proceeds of EUR 1,554,000 were generated, based on cost calculation until the end of June 2017, to support national and international HIV and AIDS charity projects. “The relaunch of Life Ball, its side events and the LIFE+ brand will set the course for the future, to become more international and therefore even more financially successful. This year’s Life Ball was emotional and to the point, with few superficial distractions and yet more entertaining then ever before,” says Gery Keszler.

Are you still dancing or already marching?

Are you still marching or already danceing?

The show takes us on a journey into a time between the times when the vigilance is the price of freedom. Those who sleep in freedom will wake up behind walls.

The message is strong and concise:

“Recognize the danger” – and that I every area, whether in health or within society. Let us open our eyes and look in the face of danger – this is the only way to act in time – for our society, for our health, for our future! Says Gery Keszler.

Conchita Wurst and Verena Scheitz

The two presenters entertained the audience with a mixture of cabaret, revue and variety.

Ute Lemper

The singer and actress opened the Life Balls show and amazed the audience with the legendary peace song

Where have all the flowers gone.

Aya Sato

The Japanese dancer played the role of the „Whore of Babylon“. One of the most famous scenes from the movie Metropolis. A classic movie from 1925/26, taking place in a futuristic city with two-class society.

Life + Award

For the very first time, the Life + Award was presented to support international projects that are committed to the fight against HIV / AIDS. This year’s winners of the first LIFE+ Award are Greg Owen and Will Nutland with “I Want PrEP Now” and “Prepster”.

Francesco Scognamiglio

Francesco Scognamiglio put his unique touch on one of the opening’s most fashion-centered episodes. “Francesco Sognamiglio Maison” subtle yet nuanced grace blends moods of yesteryear and the poetic drama of Paris and Naples, the designer’s birthplace.

Naomi Campbell

The supermodel represented the “Elton John Aids Foundation” and read a message from Elton John. The latter called for courage and support for infected people.

Nathan Trent heated the stage up.

Joss Stone

The singer came as an ambassador for the organization Sentebale to Vienna. Sentebale supports children affected by HIV / AIDS.

Alice Merton rocked the City Hall Square with her hit “No Roots”.

Concept Opening Show: Gery Keszler

Artistic director and dramaturgy: Giorgio Madia

Stage & costumes of the debutants: Amra Bergman

Choreography: Giorgio Madia, Thomas Kraml, Prof. Dkfm: Thomas Schäfer-Elmayer, Max Mattuschka, Nicole Snelson, Marcus Tesch

Visuals Opening Show: Opium Effect

Musical direction: Beat4Feet (Martin Gellner / Werner Stranka), Thomas Rabitsch

Orchestra: Bratislava Symphonie Orchester, Alexander Ehrenreich Big Band

Conductors: David Hernando Rico, Alexander Ehrenreich


People living with HIV/AIDS worldwide


New infections 2015 worldwide


New cases diagnosed in Austria everyday


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